Nordiska Book Club: Easter Mystery

An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten

Nordiska’s Book Club

To all of you who are new, welcome! Nordiska has just launched its own book club for fellow Nordic reading enthusiasts to connect and be in community with one another virtually during these unique times. We invite you to expand your Nordic reading repertoire and discuss a variety of written works with us over the coming months.

Skiing, Chocolate and Murder

If you want to celebrate Easter like a Norwegian you are going to have to include a cozy murder mystery novel in your Easter basket along with the chocolate eggs. Allegedly starting with an Easter crime novel campaign back in the 1920’s, mysteries have become as commonplace as the Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bars and mandarin oranges for taking on an Easter ski trip.

Many Norwegian families have their own or share a hytte (cabin) that they go to over the holidays to cross-country ski, spend time with family and read under blankets by a wood fire. Their usual book of choice: a good thriller or crime novel. But Norwegian’s mystery mania does not end there. During the entire Lenten season, there are Nordic crime dramas on TV and the Tine dairy company even prints weekly cartoons on their milk cartons so that children can join in on the crime solving fun.

Example of milk carton I bought while living in Tromsø last Easter

April’s Book: An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good

Inspired by Norwegian’s love of crime and intrigue during Easter time, we have selected a more lighthearted Nordic mystery novel, An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good written by Helene Tursten and translated into English by Marlaine Delargy.

Here is a short description of the novel by Skandisk: Maud is an irascible 88-year-old Swedish woman with no family, no friends, and…no qualms about a little murder. This funny, irreverent story collection by Helene Tursten, author of the Irene Huss investigations, features two-never-before translated stories that will keep you laughing all the way to the retirement home.

We will be meeting to discuss our mystery on Thursday, April 22nd at 6:00pm PST via Zoom. To register for the Zoom meeting, follow this link here, and/or keep a look out on our social media sites for registration information.

You can now purchase An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good on Nordiska’s website by following this link, or come and visit us in store in downtown Poulsbo.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon for our next meeting!

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I write for, edit and maintain this blog about celebrating and being inspired by Scandinavian cultures for the Nordiska store in Poulsbo, WA.

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