Nordiska Book Club: The Far Traveler

Our Maiden Voyage

Takk, Tack, Giitu! Thank you to everyone who joined us last month for our inaugural book club meeting! We had a fantastic group and a good discussion. We hope that you will join us again for this month’s meeting!

To all of you who are new, welcome! Nordiska has just launched its own book club for fellow Nordic reading enthusiasts to connect and be in community with one another virtually during these unique times. We invite you to expand your Nordic reading repertoire and discuss a variety of written works with us over the coming months.

March Pick: The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown

In recognition of International Women’s Day in March, we have decided to highlight a lesser-known woman’s narrative from Nordic history. Women’s histories have historically been marginalized, and due to the work of researchers and writers like Nancy Marie Brown, incredible stories like Gudrid’s are finally being spotlighted. We hope that you can join us in reading and discussing this Viking woman’s story with us!

Synopsis: Five hundred years before Columbus, a Viking woman named Gudrid sailed off the edge of the known world. She landed in the New World and lived there for three years, giving birth to a baby before sailing home. Or so the Icelandic sagas say. Even after archaeologists found a Viking longhouse in Newfoundland, no one believed that the details of Gudrid’s story were true.

Then, in 2001, a team of scientists discovered what may have been this pioneering woman’s last house, buried under a hay field in Iceland, just where the sagas suggested it could be. Joining scientists experimenting with cutting-edge technology and the latest archaeological techniques, and tracing Gudrid’s steps on land and in the sagas, Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs a life that spanned—and expanded—the bounds of the then-known world. She also sheds new light on the society that gave rise to a woman even more extraordinary than legend has painted her and illuminates the reasons for its collapse.


Our next meeting will take place over Zoom on Thursday March 25th at 6:00pm PST.

It is free to register in advance via Zoom by following this link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you do not have Zoom already downloaded onto your computer, I would suggest doing so in advance, or you can join through your web browser.

We understand that the Google forms we used to register for the book club last month caused some confusion, so we are going to try something new this time. But not to worry, those of you who signed up before will still get an email (though do please register via Zoom in advance still)! Thank you for your patience!

You can pick up your own copy of The Far Traveler in-store at Nordiska in downtown Poulsbo, or order one via Nordiska’s online shop.

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